Month: December 2018

Retro fitting original equipment to Transporters T4, T5, T5.1 & T6 Models

Retro fit T5 rear heated window

This T5 Transporter came in with a failed attempt to install rear wash wipe and heated rear window.Stalk had been fitted which worked the rear washer but nothing else. Rear heated window switch had no wiring. This job involved a new wiring harness made and ran into place then coding to make this all work…
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02/12/2018 0

VW T6 Adding Rear Speakers

A little job of adding rear speaker cables in while this T6 is in for some extra work. #t6-rearspeakersupgrade #t6retrofittingspeakers #autorm-ne  

02/12/2018 0

VW T6 poptop with a 120w solar panel fitted

120w solar panel fitted to this VW T6 transporter, this solar install can produce extra power from the suns rays ready for off grid camping.

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